Hydrocodone & Oxycodone – Similarities & Differences

hydrocodone or oxycodone pillsHydrocodone and Oxycodone are two very popular medications that are considered controlled substances. Both are taken by millions of people all over the world. The problem is very few of them are aware of the differences between the two medications. Both have similar side effects as well as similar drug interactions.

Even still, they are different. Oxycodone is considered stronger and more potent than Hydrocodone. You can get Oxycodone as either a single ingredient medication or you can get it in combination with other products. Hydrocodone on the other hand only comes in combination products. You can’t get it as a single ingredient medication.

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The Similarities

These two medications have quite a bit in common. First of all they are both prescription medications. They are also similar in the way they are made. You will find some of the same chemicals in both medications. And as stated before, they are both controlled substances and they are both narcotics. As a result they have a very high potential for abuse.

When people are in pain they take these pills and it instantly makes them feel better. As a result they don’t want to stop taking them. So while they are helpful, they can also be very dangerous. Other similarities they have are side effects, warnings and the way they interact with other drugs. Both are available in generic form which means you can get them at a very inexpensive price.

This is another thing that leads to the abuse of this medication. If you are taking either one of these medications you should avoid alcohol. If you can’t avoid alcohol make sure you only consume it in limited amounts. When alcohol mixes with these medications it can cause negative reactions. So be very careful with your alcohol consumption.

Be very careful when taking either Hydrocodone or Oxycodone. Only take what is prescribed by your doctor. Overdosing on these drugs can be extremely dangerous. Even life threatening in some cases.

The Differences

Now lets talk about some of the differences the two drugs have. While both medications are fairly strong, Oxycodone is considered the stronger of the two. It is more potent and in some cases works a lot faster. However, each individual is different and will have a different experience which each medication. For some, Hydrocodone is the more potent drug.

Also, as I stated previously, Hydrocodone is only available in combination products. You can get Oxycodone as a single ingredient or in combination. Another difference is their schedule classification. The Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, gives all controlled substances a schedule class based on their potential for abuse.

The higher the class the lower the potential for abuse. Hydrocodone is considered a schedule III controlled substance which means there is potential for abuse and it can lead to moderate dependency both physically and psychologically. Oxycodone on the other hand is considered a schedule II controlled substance.

That means it has a very high potential for abuse. The result can be severe dependency. Because of this the prescribing rules for these medications are different. Prescriptions for Hydrocodone can be phoned or faxed in. You are also allowed to get refills on this medication. Oxycodone cannot be phoned or faxed you. You have to go to the pharmacy and give the pharmacist the original copy of the prescription.

With Oxycodone refills aren’t allowed. This is why healthcare providers are less likely to prescribe Oxycodone. It is much more of a hassle.

The thing to keep in mind when comparing Hydrocodone and Oxycodone is that everyone is different. Because of this everyone will react differently to each medication. Some may find Hydrocodone to give them the pain relief they need while others may need something a little stronger.

Your doctor will most likely prescribed Hydrocodone to you first. Unless of course you have very, very severe pain. If Hydrocodone doesn’t work he or she will prescribe Oxycodone for you. Just remember you cannot get a refill on Oxycodone. So even if it does work, you might not be able to get anymore.

Whatever you choose to take, just be very careful. Both drugs are very powerful and very dangerous because of their addictive nature. Trust me when I say you do not want to become addicted to these two drugs. It can lead to very bad things.

So stick with what the doctor tells you to do. Don’t take anymore than is prescribed. Consider speaking to your doctor to see if there are any other options you can try to control your pain.

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